Complete Wheel Protection

Our provider AutoProtect offer a wide range of award-winning asset protection products.

Complete Wheel Protection

No matter how careful motorists are, punctured tyres, or scuffs and scratches to alloy wheels seem to be a fact of motoring life. Complete Wheel Protection eases the financial burden and worry that comes when customer's wheels or tyres are damaged.

Tyre Insurance

This insurance will refund the cost of having to repair or replace your tyre or tyres that have suffered a puncture, whether accidentally or maliciously, during the period of insurance.

Alloy Wheel

No more inconvenient, pricey trips to the body shop. We arrange for a specialist to come and make wheel repairs at your home or workplace at a time that suits.

In the event that an alloy wheel is damaged beyond repair, we will pay towards the cost a replacement, up to the aggregate claims limit detailed in your Proposal/Policy Schedule.

In some instances, it may be necessary to send the alloy wheel away for repair. If a repair to alloy is not possible, your you could receive up to £100 towards a replacement.

Significant benefits

  • You can claim for up to a maximum of five alloy wheels repairs within the term of the policy.
  • You will be able to claim for up to five tyres, including the spare, during the policy term.
  • Up to £50 towards a puncture repair.
  • Varying cover durations available depending on your requirements.
  • A range of aggregate claims limits available depending on premium paid and the duration selected.
  • You can claim via our free and easy to use app