Elise Cup 250

Product Details

Intensely thrilling the road, built for true stamina on track, the Elise Cup 250 demonstrates the circuit prowess you would expect from Lotus. A scintillating blend of agility, power, grip, balance and communication elevates the Cup 250 to an elite level of vehicle dynamics. The compact, all-alloy, chargecooled, supercharged 1.8 litre four-cylinder has been uprated to a potent 245bhp. A figure amplified by the ultra-low mass for an intense 263bhp per ton, 0-60mph in just 3.9 seconds and 150mph top speed.

Combining the celebrated virtues of the iconic Elise with highly advanced aerodynamics generates 131kg of downforce at 140mph. The result is uncanny high-speed stability, sharper turn-in, increased grip and supreme composure. However, this thoroughbred track car did not forget its road manners. Unladen weight of just 931kg helps achieve exceptional body control with compliant suspension. At road speeds, you’ll have time to notice the meticulously balanced control weights. The exposed aluminium gear linkage saves weight, adds precision and mechanical tactility. Unassisted steering communicates rich detail and vivid clarity for unrivalled driver involvement. The Cup badge is not for show. It’s the mark of a car that was built to lap hard all day without complaint and could be raced competitively by adding no more than a roll cage. Bred for the track, brilliant on the road, the Cup 250 is a sports car icon at the very top of its game.


Max Power245 hp (248 PS) at 7200 rpm
Max Torque184 lb ft (250 Nm) at 3500 - 5500 rpm
0 - 60 mph3.9 seconds
Max Speed149 mph (248 Km/h)