Like every Lotus before, the Evora benefits from a unique approach to driving dynamics. A car for devoted drivers who enjoy race car responses but also want refinement and practicality for the open road. Designed and engineered to ensure the driver is fully immersed in a sensory experience, it’s capable of making even the most ordinary drive feel special. The Evora rewards with vivid communication, sublime handling, exquisite poise and real usability across all road surfaces and at all speeds.The essence of the Evora is found in its exceptional engineering and focus on real-world performance. Production combines high-technology processes with hand finishing techniques, from chassis construction through to final assembly. Teams of specialists oversee every process, ensuring that high-quality engineering standards are met during every stage of the build. Completed cars undergo rigorous rolling road and water-ingress tests to ensure absolute reliability and performance. The state-of-the-art chassis is unique to the Evora. Constructed using bonded aluminium extrusions, it’s extremely light yet incredibly stiff with a central tub forming the driver’s cockpit and safety cell - a process widely used in modern racing car construction. Its unique design delivers exceptional torsional rigidity - it takes 27,000 Nm to twist it just one degree. This rigidity allows Lotus engineers to fine tune the forged aluminium, double wishbone suspension for more compliance, improving ride comfort without compromising the exceptional handling dynamics.

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