An idea forged in the white heat of competition but also extensively developed for the road, the Exige has always blended the extreme with the sublime. With a choice of potent supercharged V6 engines, a motorsportproven chassis, dramatic styling and hardcore handling, the recipe for intense performance remains uncompromising. Benefitting from continuous evolution since the original was launched in 2000 with 177bhp, the latest Exige Cup 430 packs a staggering 430bhp and generates up to 171kg of downforce.

Every Exige has a commanding presence way beyond its size. The aggressive styling underlines its racing pedigree with fully functional, downforce-generating aerodynamics a statement of its performance intent. Motorsport-grade engineering is evident in every component, starting with a lightweight, torsionally rigid chassis which doubles as a strong safety cell. This allows the huge outputs produced by the supercharged V6s to be transmitted to the road efficiently and with assured composure. The powerto-weight ratios may suggest brutal acceleration but every Exige is, first and foremost, a precision instrument.The mid-engined configuration maximizes traction and optimizeshandling balance, ensuring breathtaking capability on both road and track.

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