Exige Sport 350

Key Features

DimensionsL 4084 mm, W (excluding mirrors) 1802 mm, H 1129 mm
Engine3.5 litre DOHC V6 VVT-i, 24-valve, with Harrop supercharger. Mid-mounted, transverse, rear wheel drive
Max Output345 hp at 7000 rpm (350 PS) (257.5 kW)
Max Torque
Transmission6 speed manual gearbox with sports ratios

Price: £59,600

Product Details

Updated to stay ahead of the competition for 2019 and beyond, the ever-popular Exige Sport 350 continues to deliver driving excitement in its purest form. A lesson in the value of a high power-toweight ratio, the combination of potent, torque-rich, 3.5 litre supercharged V6, mid-mounted in a rigid, lightweight chassis provides thrilling acceleration and instant response. Pure, unassisted steering offers exquisite feedback and vivid communication at all speeds. The Exige responds to steering inputs quickly, cleanly and intuitively, handling as only a 1125kg car can.

Available as both Coupe and Roadster, the latest Exige Sport 350 benefits from a revised, lighter, front clam design. Sculpted for greater aerodynamic efficiency, it brings the Sport 350’s styling in line with the rest of the Exige range. It also works with the rear wing and diffuser to generate more downforce, for greater high-speed stability, without any increase in drag.


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