Subaru XV 2.0 e-BOXER

Product Details

The XV Self Charging Hybrid Has Arrived

The same permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive go-anywhere capability.

The same great handling.
The same ever dependable rugged reliability.
The very latest advanced driver assistance systems
and passenger safety technologies, including EyeSight.

The difference?
Now Subaru’s e-BOXER self-charging hybrids add electric motor assistance:
additional battery-based power that reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption without the need to plug in to recharge.

For more information and book a test drive contact
our Subaru Sales Manager Carl Wallis via or 01483 286411


Subaru XV Eyesight

SUBARU believe in all-around safety. An important part of that is pre-collision safety: making every effort to ensure an accident never happens. That’s why they created EyeSight*, SUBARU’s cutting-edge driving support system. Like a second pair of eyes for the road ahead, EyeSight uses two stereo cameras capturing three-dimensional colour images with excellent image recognition, nearly as capable as the human eye. More accurate than traditional camera and sensor technologies, EyeSight uses images from both cameras to precisely determine shape, speed and distance, meaning it not only detects vehicles but also motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians*. When a potential hazard is identified, it warns the driver and even applies the brakes if necessary, to help avoid an accident. With excellent safety performance, EyeSight gives the driver ultimate peace of mind.

* EyeSight is a driving support system which may not operate optimally under all driving conditions or for all objects. The driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving and observance of traffic regulations. See Owner’s Manual for complete details on system operation and limitations for EyeSight including functions in this brochure. Field of vision range from EyeSight (not an actual measurement).