Subaru Forester XT - Last Chance, When It's Gone It's Gone


Subaru Forester XT - When It's Gone, It's Gone

We are sad to announce that the last 100 Forester 2.0 Turbo XT’s ever to be sold in the UK have now arrived. As an obvious fan of the Forester we wanted to ensure you were the first to know and to be given the opportunity to be the owner and driver of the Forester XT for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, these super powerful engines do not sit well within the terms of the Paris agreement on CO2 emissions. As such the fines imposed by the EU on a manufacturer to continue selling a very powerful turbo charged engine within Europe are untenable, hence the Forester XT's sad demise. We assure you we'd love to see this engine continue as it is so popular with Forester owners, but Subaru have been overruled on this by the EU and as such have no option but to withdraw it from sale in Europe.

These are the last cars that will arrive in the UK so if you would like to stay with or upgrade to this level of power and driving pleasure then this is your last opportunity to change, and with only 100 available I am sure you appreciate they will not be around long.

Remember, when they are gone they're gone. Don’t delay, find out more today.

Contact our Subaru Sales Manager Carl Wallis via or 01483 286411
to book a test drive and for our very best offers on these last remaining cars.