When you plan your summer adventures this year, have you thought about your vehicle as well as your packing? Saab has the answer, a Summer Safety Check and pollen filter change for just £99.

Stay on the road this summer.

Our Saab trained technicians will check that your car is topped up with vital fluids to the correct levels on radiator coolant, preventing overheating, brake fluid and component condition to ensure that in the ambient heat and humidity during your journey your car performs efficiently, and that your wiper blades are in good condition to discard the flies and bugs from your windscreen.

We also include a visual safety inspection of your Saab covering wheels and tyres, exhaust and steering, and much more, leaving nothing to chance.

Clear thinking.

Whenever you drive your car, and especially during the spring and summer, contaminants such as pollen, dust, fungus spores, ozone, and other airborne pollutants, enter your car’s cabin through the air conditioning or ventilation system.

Most new Saabs however, are fitted with an active carbon cabin filter, which removes still smaller particles. Furthermore, due to an extra layer of activated carbon, it also removes nasty odours and harmful gases such as exhaust fumes and ozone.

What’s covered in the Summer Safety Check?


  • Mandatory lights (external)
  • Horn / wipers / washers


  • Brake noise/feel
  • Clutch / transmission operation
  • Engine noise / smoke
  • Glass / mirrors / wiper blades
  • Seat belts - security & operation
  • Air conditioning efficiency check


  • Fluid levels - oil / water / coolant / screen wash
  • Fluid leaks - oil / water
  • Battery condition / drive belts


  • Brake fluid condition / temperature
  • Master cylinder / servo
  • Linings - pads / shoes
  • Discs / drums
  • Hoses / pipes / cables / wheel bearings


  • Exhaust system / catalyst
  • Steering / suspension
  • Drive shafts / gaitors
  • Oil leaks


  • Nearside front
  • Offside front
  • Nearside rear
  • Offside rear
  • Spare
  • Tyre pressure (check & adjust accordingly)

Fluid top up

  • Coolant (check and adjust accordingly)
  • Brake fluid (check and adjust accordingly)
  • Screen wash (check and adjust accordingly)
  • Engine oil (check and adjust accordingly)

Top up quantity limited to a maximum of 1/2 litre. Additional quantities will be advised and with customer consent charged accordingly. * Applicable vehicles only.

Including pollen filter change
(RRP of £21 for 9-3, RRP of £44 for 9-5)
Replacement of the active carbon cabin filter which helps remove dust, pollen and other contaminants.