Saab Bodyshop

Saab Bodywork Repair

Saab original production run cars were constructed with torsional rigidity and strengthened jointing with safety foremost with technologies that produced highly durable, robust vehicle bodies. Consequently, Saab bodywork repair should only be trusted to experts: which is why you should come to Bell & Colvill.

Whether you require rectification of accident damage or paintwork refreshment, Bell & Colvill’s Saab bodyshop is fully equipped to assist. We have relationships with long-established body repair specialists, carefully selected for their ability to consistently maintain levels of quality in keeping with our own.

From the estimate stage onwards, our staff will guide you through the sometimes tortuous rate of insurance administration so that your Saab is returned to you in tip-top condition as painlessly and as quickly as possible.

We can arrange replacement transport for you during your Saab’s body repair, and, if you have been the unfortunate victim of a "no-fault" accident, we may be able to organise the use of an equivalent vehicle to your Saab at no cost to yourself.

Saab Tyres and Suspension Geometry

Bell & Colvill fully recognises the crucial importance of tyre condition and wheel alignment for your Saab.

With the latest in tyre fitting and balancing equipment, and the ability to set alignment to pinpoint accuracy, we are fully equipped to maintain these aspects of your Saab’s wellbeing.