Purchasing a new or used car could not have been made easier. A wide variety of low cost funding options make vehicle acquisition a straight forward no nonsense process.

Simply choose the deposit and repayment profile most suitable for you. Whether you are a business user or private individual our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the alternatives and help you select the method and payment plan that will enable you to deal with the funding option efficiently and to your advantage.

You can finance your new car through a number of finance options, these are easy to understand and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and needs.

Bell & Colvill (Horsley) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit activity (Limited Permissions) – FRN 310546.

Plans Available

Hire Purchase

This allows you to spread the cost of your vehicle over a fixed term. Your current car can be used as a deposit as well and a cash input from you to suit. You would continue to make the payments over the period of the loan, until after the last payment has been paid leaving the balance clear.

Contract Hire

This is a rental product where your monthly payments are based on the period of hire, annual mileage and the particular vehicle model that you are considering which will accurately give a future value for the car. Service and maintenance cover can also be added to your monthly payment which is set to your mileage and period of hire. At the end of the agreement, as long as you have fulfilled the mileage and conditions requirements when returning the car, then you can simply hand the car back to the finance house.

Personnel Contract Plan or Balloon Plan

Similar to Hire Purchase but with a final larger final payment. This can help reduce your monthly payment by offsetting a portion of the value which is fixed at the start of the agreement until the end of the agreement


Bell & Colvill always aim to offer the latest and most competitive plans to suit the market. These offers change regularly and therefore please contact us for more information and the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements.