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A Guide to Maintaining Your Lotus Sports Car


Learn how to maintain your Lotus sports car with the knowledgeable and experienced team at Bell & Colvill Horsley. We offer advice and guidance to help you look after your pride and joy. Contact us today for specialist Lotus servicing solutions that will ensure your car remains in exceptional condition.


Rinse off salt

Grit salt on the road improves our safety, but it is terrible for the state of your suspension and chassis. But there are things you can do to soften the blow, including cleaning after every journey. After each outing, give the car a quick pressure wash to remove any traces of salt. Remove any dirt or debris from the exposed chassis, undercarriage, and regions surrounding the wishbones. The wheels and the radiator must not be overlooked. To avoid the brakes from sticking when parked, give the car a quick spin to get rid of any remaining water.


Look after tyres and brakes

In temperatures lower than 8 degrees Celsius, the use of "summer" tyres with a softer substance is not recommended. This is because the nature of rubber makes it soft while heated and incredibly hard when cold. As a result, keeping an eye on the tyres' pressure and general condition is essential in the winter. If you notice any cracks in the sidewalls of your tyres, it's time to replace them.


There's a chance that your brakes won’t be quite as effective in the colder months. Once again, this is because of the heat or cold, and it is most noticeable in vehicles that do not have servos. When approaching the usual winter traffic congestion, take extra care to brake, as frequent highway driving can soften the brakes' initial bite.


Get professional Lotus servicing

At Bell & Colvill Horsley, we offer Lotus servicing and Lotus parts from a specialist team with years of experience. Regular servicing, particularly as we go into winter, will ensure your Lotus sports car runs smoothly all year round.

Contact us today for expert Lotus servicing solutions.


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