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Subaru Reliability: What Makes It a Popular Choice


Why is Subaru a byword for reliability? Learn more with the specialists at Bell & Colvill Horsley today, then contact us for a comprehensive service to help you find your next Subaru at a competitive price.


Subaru cars are built to last

Subaru vehicles are exceptionally well-made and built to last, and available in a wide range of specifications. Subaru claims that 96% of its vehicles sold in the previous decade are still on the road. This means that even a used Subaru will provide years of dependable service.


They run and run

Subarus are exceptional vehicles because they can be used for many years without requiring much maintenance. Subarus have one of the lowest rates of check engine lights being activated.


Easy to service

Subarus have a low incidence of mechanical failure and a lengthy lifespan on the road. But when they do need repairs, an open engine layout makes them easy to fix and replacement parts simple to install.


Contact us

Get in touch with Bell & Colvill if you are on the lookout for a used Subaru, or need expert servicing and repairs from a team who are highly experienced in working with a wide range of Subaru models.


Contact us now about your next new or used Subaru and experience the reliability and longevity that makes this brand such a stalwart.


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