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Subaru Servicing 101: What Every Subaru Owner Should Know


Learn the basics of Subaru servicing so you know how to best keep your new or used Subaru in peak condition for longer. Then, contact the knowledgeable team at Bell & Colvill Horsley today to get a free quote on servicing.


Battery check

While Subaru's basic battery is designed to survive for many years beyond the industry norm, its performance and longevity are nonetheless susceptible to a wide range of conditions. You may experience battery problems if your vehicle's systems have been damaged, neglected, or otherwise interfered with. Seek expert help if you see excessive corrosion, leakage from the terminals, or anything else out of the ordinary around the batteries or wires.


Fuel filter

To prevent contamination of the fuel injection system, a fuel filter is installed. These crucial parts are responsible for the car's smooth idling and efficient fuel use. When a filter ages and becomes clogged with debris, it has to work harder to drive fuel through.


At 30,000 miles, you should definitely get your Subaru's fuel filter replaced. If you want to replace your Subaru's fuel filter yourself, be prepared with a bucket to catch any spilled petrol. In order to release the pressure in the fuel system, the fuel pump relay must be released. If in doubt, contact Bell & Colvill for expert support.



The tyres on your Subaru need to be checked often as well. The most fundamental step is to check the air pressure. Once a month, you should check the air pressure in your tyres and fill them up as needed to maintain optimal gas mileage, adequate grip in adverse driving situations like wet pavement, and uniform tyre wear.


Contact Bell & Colvill today to find your next new or used Subaru or take advantage of our servicing solutions.


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