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The Importance of Regular Maintenance for High-Performance Cars


Learn why regular maintenance will ensure your high-performance car will continue to purr on the road. At Bell & Colvill, we offer Lotus, Subaru and McLaren servicing to help you keep your car in perfect shape, but first here’s some tips on how to look after your prized vehicle.


Clutch care

Having a functional clutch is crucial to maintaining engine performance. Some of the most costly fixes for a supercar include replacing the clutch or the engine. Having the correct performance vehicle insurance and being aware of the symptoms of a failing clutch are both crucial. You should get your automobile checked by a professional if you experience a change in engine speed or trouble shifting gears. Make sure you have supercar insurance that will cover the expense of visits to experienced mechanics.


Clean and polish

Maintaining a high performance vehicle includes making sure it continues to look great. The proper tools are essential, and the polish you use must be harmless to your model. If your car's windscreen wipers are making a lot of noise, for example, you may need to replace them. Many people who own supercars either don't have adequate insurance coverage or don't have premium vehicle coverage. For example, if you need to replace a specialised part on your Ferrari and don't have the correct Ferrari insurance coverage, for instance, you could be out of luck. This is why it is so important to have your insurance covered and to have a reliable local car servicing provider.


Tyre checks

Tyres must be in pristine condition for high-speed driving. Tyre pressure should be checked often. In-car steadiness is improved as a result of this. Maintaining the correct air pressure in your tyres is essential for safety. A supercar with flat tyres is a costly automobile to fix. To drive with confidence, get performance auto insurance. When the tread on your tyres is less than 2 millimetres deep, it's time to get a new set of tyres. Having specialised auto insurance might assist in the expensing of a flat tyre.


Professional servicing

More frequent servicing is required for high performance automobiles. Maintaining your vehicle according to the manufacturer's suggested service intervals will help you save money. Changing the oil on your supercar on a regular basis may keep it performing at its best, decrease the probability of you filing a claim, and save you money. If you need a McLaren service, then Bell & Colvill is the place to call.


Bell & Colvill is a McLaren dealer delivering comprehensive servicing for McLaren as well as Subaru, Lotus and other high-performance cars. Contact us today.

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